About Chatbot Ready

We are dedicated to helping businesses and entrepreneurs succeed by building meaningful connections with their customers.

Chatbot Ready Journey

The Chatbot Ready journey started in 2017 when an existing client of our parent company approached us with a quite common problem that many businesses are facing, how to automate repetitive tasks and handle customer support.

February 2017

71-75 Shelton Street, London, UK

Inefficient phone and email system

Their overwhelmed customer support experienced an unprecedented amount of customer calls and inquiries, resulting in longer wait times, lost sales, poor customer service, and increased business costs.
A recent study by the University of North Carolina found that when customers wait more than three minutes, they start to consider switching their loyalty to a competitor.

Business challenges

The use of Chatbots

Every customer has different goals and problems, so it’s crucial to provide the right solution in the shortest time possible. We knew that we needed to take a conversational approach and build an omnichannel chatbot for them to address this worrying issue.


Thanks to quick, real-time answers, the company was able to immediately respond to complaints and provide customers with exceptional service. Their customer satisfaction ratings soared by 82%, and their client’s sales increased by a booming 240%. When compared with phone and email communication, chatbot has the least number of created tickets. This means that most of the cases can be solved within one contact and do not require an escalation to a ticket. In addition to that, chatbot conversations are usually short, simple, and fast. For this reason, chatbot is a great solution for organizations with limited technical resources and those who need to solve many cases.


Done-for-you service

We were impressed with the business results our client got, therefore we wanted to see if we could apply this strategy to other companies.
Since then we have crafted over 140 chatbots for E-Commerce, Travel, Healthcare, Law, and Real Estate Companies on FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Websites, and other communication platforms.


Businesses of all sizes use the platform to automate, streamline, and enhance productivity.

It's always been on the consumer's mind that every brand has a story to tell,
and the easiest way to start telling it is by using chatbots.