Travel Planner Bot for Domestic & Abroad trip

Travel bots can assist travelers both with booking and trip budgeting, keeping all documents and tickets in one place, sending updates and reminders about upcoming flights, hotel check-ins, and more.

Car Dealerships Chatbot

Have you ever been to a car dealership? There are so many products and services that it is difficult to know what you need. A great chatbot can help a customer answer questions, find the right car model for them, and even get them in a great deal on their next new car. For car dealerships, this chatbot template is very useful when it comes to driving sales, acquire leads, schedule test drives or provide customer support as it is available 24/7.

Credit Card Recommender Bot

Chatbot Ready lets you know which credit cards are the best fit for you. Based on your spending behavior and preferred usage on different services and products, it offers a list of cards to choose from that would be most appealing to you.

Interactive Course Classes

Our chatbot helps your visitors better engage with your service and schedule courses in the most efficient way. It provides them with class times and details, and it can also collect basic customer data (name, email, phone number) so you can send them more detailed information in the future.

Health & Weight Management Chatbot

This template is designed to guide you in your quest to become healthier and fitter. You'll be guided through the different exercises, healthy foods to eat, diet tips, and required gears.

Legal Advisor Chatbot

This bot template is specially designed for lawyers and law firms to gather and qualify leads that come to your Website or Facebook Messenger by answering their questions. In a single chat, easily qualify leads and communicate with customers so you can close deals 24/7.

Healthy Beverage Chatbot

Our products can help you stay fit in your hectic life by replacing unhealthy foods with healthy drinks. Explore various healthy drinks which can help you stay on track and meet your fitness goals. Order them quickly online through messenger bots.

Appointment Scheduling Chatbot

This AI-driven, fully integrated bot is one of the most engaging ways to manage your website, prioritize leads, and sell more. It helps you by serving as a personal guide to help your site visitors find the properties they're interested in buying and scheduling tours for properties that are off the market.

Hotel Chatbot Concierge

This chatbot template enables hotels to serve customers online with a digital hotel concierge. It connects hotels directly with their customers, allowing them to find information about available services and proceeding with booking requests.