Legal Advisor Chatbot

This bot template is specially designed for lawyers and law firms to gather and qualify leads that come to your Website or Facebook Messenger by answering their questions. In a single chat, easily qualify leads and communicate with customers so you can close deals 24/7.

Freelancer Booking Chatbot

Looking to get more clients? Being a freelancer can be a difficult business unless you have an automated chatbot to help you in your work. Now you can talk to prospects 24/7 and offer services through your robot.

Event Manager Consultation Chatbot

24/7 chatbot assistant on your website helps website visitors to contact event organizers around the world and book their services for different events.

Recruiting Assistant Chatbot

Job Search Chatbot template is an easy-to-use software, designed to help businesses and IT companies at all stages of their recruitment process. Designed for both desktop and mobile clients, the bot allows you to search for candidates based on domain expertise, educational qualifications, location, experience, and past employment.

Removal Chatbot Service

Are you a moving company that needs an automated customer service system to answer customer questions, book appointments, collect payments, send appointment reminders, and more? If you're looking for a hassle-free solution, then this is the right business chatbot template for your company.

Beauty Salon Appointment Chatbot

This chatbot for beauty salons is available 24/7, even when a receptionist isn't available to answer questions. Whether customers have a question about the latest trends or want to just book an appointment, they can connect with the experts. The beauty salon chatbot will also give customers access to a wealth of information, such as tips and tricks, reviews on products, and other customer feedback.