Shopping Chatbot Templates

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Supplement Chatbot

Chatbots on Messenger provide customers with immense flexibility to browse your products not only at the store but wherever they happen to be. By using chatbots, customers can also easily access your same-day shipping service to buy products from you and have them delivered to their doorsteps.

E-Commerce Chatbot Support

Deploy this chatbot template on your e-commerce site to help customers track orders, pass delivery instructions and collect feedback post-delivery. Not only will it streamline your customer service process, thanks to its smart 24/7 capabilities, but it will reach out to customers even when you're sleeping.

Dairy Delivery Chatbot

This chatbot template is designed to deliver the best user experience in the ordering process. On the other hand, this template helps agriculture businesses collect subscribers and feedback to reach them later with promotions, discounts, news, and more. Besides, admins and agents will immediately get notification on email once an order has been placed.

Healthy Beverage Chatbot

Our products can help you stay fit in your hectic life by replacing unhealthy foods with healthy drinks. Explore various healthy drinks which can help you stay on track and meet your fitness goals. Order them quickly online through messenger bots.

Course Recommendation Chatbot

This chatbot template is an amazing educational tool that helps visitors find the right courses suitable for their interests and future career goals. Assist thousands of students at the same time and keep them engaged in the conversation.