Travel Assistant Chatbot

Create an automated travel assistant that helps customers book travel tours, flights, and other business services. In this easy to use template, you can set up your email autoresponder for guest inquiries and automate the process of submitting reservations through a form.

Hotel Chatbot Concierge

This chatbot template enables hotels to serve customers online with a digital hotel concierge. It connects hotels directly with their customers, allowing them to find information about available services and proceeding with booking requests.

Tourist Visa Chatbot

If you're traveling abroad and looking for a way to get a tourist visa quickly, this bot is for you. It helps you skip the lines by providing all the required information, including visa requirements, and the online application form for completing and submitting the form to the embassy.

Airline Chatbot Customer Support

This AI-powered bot works as a customer service rep for the airline industry. It answers questions that visitors ask such as how to check-in and where their connecting flights are located. The bot learns what customers want to ask and how they ask it, while the customer is also able to see whether the agent is using AI or a human agent.

Travel Planning Chatbot

A Travel Planning Chatbot is a piece of software that you can embed in your digital marketing campaigns to help you gather and qualify leads. It will respond to questions addressed to it, such as: "Would you go on a cruise next year?" or "What are your plans for this summer vacation?"

Travel Plans with Chatbot

With this vacation planner template, you can make the most of your trip to the most wonderful beaches in the world. Designed to help you to promote the travel packages to increase conversions and support your customers with additional information.

Dream Vacation Chatbot

The travel planning feature of the chatbot makes every step in the process almost effortless. The application does the research and sends you a mail, resulting in a trip closer to your required dates and locations.