Chatbot Marketing FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

Chatbot Ready is a smart conversational bot for Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Website.
It manages and automates conversations with your visitors, boosts their engagement, and drives conversions.
Use it as a widget, a full page, or embed it in your content.

  • Automatically welcome new visitors, send them content, schedule messages, respond to specific keywords and much more.
  • Get significantly more qualified leads than a conventional contact form or optin form.
  • Significantly increase your sales through higher engagement.
  • Can be used for sales, customer support, quizzes, drip campaigns, surveys and much more.

As the internet is saturated with content marketing and people’s inboxes are full of well-designed emails, it is becoming more difficult to reach your audience.
Fortunately, Automated Messaging Solutions are becoming more popular because they allow customers to easily reach the company of their choice and get instant answers to their questions.
Good customer engagement is essential for every business. As this is no longer a feat for only large companies, businesses of all sizes can achieve the same results with the help of Messenger bots.

Yes, we can create Chatbots in 180+ languages.

Launch your bot in a minute through our pre-built templates.
Get instant access to 70+ high-converting “AI” Chat Templates (valued at $1997) spread across multiple categories and niches.
They’re all designed to get you more engagement, clicks, leads, sales, and profit!

We will design and implement a custom Chat Marketing strategy, fit for your business and integrated to your marketing efforts.

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